Try the new feature to send the sticker/meme directly (via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) and easily send larger images!
Touch and hold the sticker you want to send to open the context menu and choose "Share" from the menu (or press the "Share" button from the sticker detail).

Main features:

Easily create your own WhatsApp stickers from your photos or images.

Create your own memes by adding texts.

Decorate your sticker by composing images, texts and stickers.

Import sticker packs from all third-party apps installed on the device (Android only).

Browse all your stickers in one single view.

Organize your stickers by copying them or moving them between different packs.

Add your own, custom sticker packs to WhatsApp.

Send your stickers across to your contacts and friends.

Export to file and share your sticker packs.

Import sticker packs from files previously exported or shared by your friends.

Additional features:

You can make your stickers by freely composing one or more images, texts or stickers.
Each layer can be moved, resized or rotated using touch gestures.
Each image can be cropped by tracing the outline and you can set the color and size of the border or delete it.
The freehand drawing can be performed with several distinct touches and it is possible to rotate, zoom and move the image and then continue with the outline drawing.
A circle with an enlarged view facilitates the creation of the cutline.
An undo button allows you to delete the last outline point.
You can change the color of the texts (fill and stroke).
Multi-line texts can also be aligned left or right.
You can add shadows to texts by setting the color (even with transparency), the position and the amount of blur.
Each layer can be brought forward or in the foreground or backward or in the background. It can also be removed or duplicated.
You can set the padding for each layer so that if you set a background color, you can change the size of the background rectangle.
You can also set the rounding radius for the corners of the background rectangle (the contents of the layer will be clipped based on this rounded rectangle).
The final size of the sticker is optimal, always with a 16-pixel margin.
You can also send the sticker image (or meme) by sharing the sticker directly (via WhatsApp, Instagram, ...).
In this case, any transparent part will be cut out, a white background will be applied and the image will be sent with the resolution up to 1024 x 1024 pixels.


The Android version also works with GBWA and GBWA3.

Android screenshots
Android screenshots

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The iOS version works with WhatsApp and iMessage.

iOS screenshots
iOS screenshots

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Bugs & Known Issues:

iOS: Version 1.3.8 on some devices has a bug that prevents saving the sticker.
Please download a newer version.

Android: Version 1.5.14 presents startup problems (only for new installations).
Please download a newer version.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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